The anagement Body (MB) of Chelmos - Vouraikos was established in order to preserve the biodiversity, the natural resources and the ecological value of the natural ecosystems in the area around the mountain range of Chelmos and the river of Vouraikos. The overall extent of the National Park is approximately 54,400 ha. The jurisdiction area of the Management Body of Chelmos - Vouraikos is bordered by the watershed of Vouraikos River to the west, which springs from the region of Priolithos (1,000 metres) and forms the famous Vouraikos Gorge near the town of Kalavryta and by the watershed of Krathi river to the east, which gathers the waters of the mountain streams around Zarouchla. To the southeast, it includes part of the Feneos plain and the artificial lake Doxa, which are located at the regional unit of Corinthia. To the north it consists of the coastline which is surrounded by the two rivers, while to the south it is bordered by the watershed of Aroania River, whose drainage basin is a sub-drainage basin of Ladon.


Geopark map Helmos - Vouraikos

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