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In the village of Kastria in Achaia, 9km
from Kleitoria and 17km from Kalavryta,
lies the famous «Cave of the Lakes». It
is a rare creation of Nature. Apart from
its labyrinth of corridors, its mysterious
galleries and its strange stalactite
formations, the «Cave of the Lakes» has
something exclusively unique which does
not exist in other well-Known caves. Inside
the cave, there is a string of cascading
lakes forming three different levels that
establishes the uniqueness in the world.
The cave is an ancient subterranean river
bed, whose explored length is 1.980m.
In winter when the snow melts, the cave
is transformed into a subterranean river
with natural waterfalls. In the summer
months, part of the cave dries up revealing
a lace- work of stone basins and dams of
up to 4m. in height. The rest of the cave
retains water permanently throughout the
year in 13 picturesque lakes. The walls are
ornamented with coloured stalactite and
stalagmite formation while «chandeliers»,
«medusas» and «fluted curtains» hang
from the high 30m. ceilings. Reflections
from the still waters add yet more magic
to the scene.
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